Our mission

Our mission statement is to specialize in the dissemination of knowledge that relates to our focus areas, primarily the use of genomics in personalized healthcare. This consists of organizing workshops and events in the use of genomic technologies and workflows in clinical applications especially those that result in improved diagnostics and minimally invasive sampling.

The core technology focus has been on the ever increasing use and refinement of NGS - applications, bioinformatics work flows, clinical utility and other bottlenecks that can be alleviated by bringing key opinion leaders together.

Through our events we organize research consortia and aid other organizations in partnering discussions by providing strategic consulting advice that has been build up over decades.

Our existing genomics clients and partners routinely tap into our networks to find candidates for roles in Applications Support, Product Management and Sales.

  • Next Generation Sequencing Conference

  • Next Generation Sequencing Conference

  • Next Generation Sequencing Conference

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